The Eye – Jump Scare

Why are you sitting on my chair?

Was thinking about Jump Scares the other day, because… well you know. And remembered one that really freaked me out back in the day. The basic premise of the eye is that violinist Wong Kar Mun who has received a  corneal transplant that restores her vision starts seeing ghosts of the recently deceased.

Rewatching it for the first time in a few years The Eye is actually surprisingly low on jump scares and much less scary than I remember (although still quite creepy). But there are several very well-executed jump scares that are still effective as hell. Below is my favorite which occurs around the 36-minute mark. Mun is learning calligraphy, when a woman suddenly appears and lunges at Mum screaming “why are you sitting on my chair?”

There is also a scene in an elevator that is pretty F’ing tense.

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