Are Real Zombies Possible?

The Zombie Apocalypse – Coming soon to a town near you?

Soooo the whole living dead thing. Pretty essential to any zombie tale and one I’ve struggled to get my head around the logistics of, for my Zombie Novel. Not any longer! It turns out that scientists—Probably working in an extinct volcano somewhere, have recently been granted ethical permission to use Stem Cells To Reactivate The Brains Of The Dead.

Yup, you heard me. Apparently…

The team will test a combination of therapies on the participants, who have been medically certified as being brain dead and are only kept from decomposing by life support machines

Recent studies have also suggested that some electrical activity and blood flow continues after brain cell death, just not enough to allow for the whole body to function.

Now I’m sure they have the best of intentions, but we all know where those lead. I mean haven’t any of these people ever seen a horror movie? It’s practically Law One. Get a group of do-gooding scientists together in a room, meddling and post-apocalyptic horror shall ensue.

I mean this (probs) isn’t going to lead to the zombie apocalypse, but I find it fascinating the way the horror genre has portrayed science and technology over the years.

Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should – Ian Malcolm – Jurassic Park

Think Frankenstein, The Island of Doctor Moreau, Jekyll and Hyde, The Blob, The Thing, The Fly, Jurassic Park and on and on. Stephen King has some interesting things to say about this in Danse Macabre, his 1981 non-fiction book about the horror genre.

Anyway, that’s an article for another day, I’m off to check my Post Apocalyptic survival kit… Just in case

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